About the Author

Marcus M. White was born in Hampton, VA and attended George Mason University and the University of Maryland studying both political science and finance which lead him to successful careers as a U.S. Marine, bond trader and US Congressional staffer.

Marcus has garnered experience in just about every aspect of the real estate market.  Aside from being a successful investor himself, he has also accrued knowledge as a rehabilitation specialist, mortgage banker, commercial real estate manager, hard money lender, real estate agent and contractor.  However, Marcus often touts that he learned the most about real estate investment from assisting his father, who was a “moderately successful” real estate investor.  “I can only imagine the level of success my Dad could have achieved if he had made certain things a priority,” Marcus frequently says.

At a very early age, Marcus learned the real ‘do’s and dont’s’ of real estate investing, which enabled him to buy his first house at the age of 21. This book will enable you to also leverage your purchasing power and put you on the road to financial independence.

In his spare time, Marcus is an avid world-traveler, competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter and freelance writer of articles on a variety of topics from real estate investment to health & fitness.