Don’t Be the Old Man that Only Remembers Where All the Trees Were!

Ever been hanging with an older person (or maybe you’re that older person) but they (or you) points to a developed area and mentions that they “remember when the area used to be all trees?”  If you haven’t had that experience its okay, but if you live long enough, you will become that anecdotal  “old person” one day. The key to this story is being able to not just lock locations of wooded areas in your memories but to also be able to be a part of the real estate growth and capitalize from getting involved with real estate projects when they are just ideas.  Just knowing those tree-filled lots would one day be the next exciting development is also half the battle of deciding the three most important aspects of real estate…yup…location, location and location. Think about it…if you know where the next office building or subway stop is going to be built then you have a better idea where to invest in residential properties or service businesses.

So you can either hang around men that aren’t quite old yet and wait for them to notice wooded areas or when you are driving around you can take a picture of empty or wooded lots and under closer inspection, you may find a “for sale” sign. Call the sale representative and ask them questions about intended purposes for the land. In addition, they should be able to tell you of the history of the land and the plans for neighboring plots as well.

Become a regular visitor of your local planning and development commission department of your local government. Attend planning and zoning meetings..and do your best to stay awake. If you hear that a company or someone is petitioning for rezoning of an area then plans for development are probably in the works. Peruse zoning and building permit applications at your local courthouse. This is public information and is available to you.

The planning and development commission of your target municipality is not a one stop and shop situation. Getting to know your development and zoning department workers takes some time and putting together a picture of the future of an area’s real estate development may take some time.  I know this work doesn’t sound the least bit exciting but it will one day payoff and can give you something to do when riding around with an old person.

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